South Central Oregon
Fire Management Partnership

Work Capacity Fitness Test

No need to call and register for test. As long as you have clearance, just show up.

If possible, bring the correct amount of weight in your own pack or bring a WCT vest.

Year 2017 Work Capacity Fitness Test

Date Day IQCS Location Time Contact Phone
19-Apr-2017 Wednesday Bly RD 0800 Sherry Jacobs 541-353-2744
27-Apr-2017 Thursday KRD 0800 Troy Parrish 541-885-3412
10-May-2017 Wednesday Paisley RD 0800 Ryan Romero 541-219-1516
22-May-2017 Monday Chemult 0800 Lorena Ochoa 541-365-7097
1-Jun-2017 Thursday Chiloquin 0800 Evan Wright 541-891-8710
20-Jun-2017 Tuesday LIO 0800 Nate Lee 541-591-3168