South Central Oregon
Fire Management Partnership

Annual Fire Refresher (RT 130)

No need to sign up for the refresher. Just show up with a pen or pencil and an IRPG.

MUST BRING: Hardhat, gloves and nomex shirt for the fire shelter deployment exercises.

Contact your local fire manager if you need to acquire any PPE before you come to the class.

Year 2018 Fire Refresher

Date Day IQCS Location Time Contact Phone
18-Apr-2019 Thursday 27589 Bly VFD 1000 Adam Brooks 541-353-2703
30-Apr-2019 Tuesday 27590 Klamath Community College 1000 David Miranda 541-885-3412
9-May-2019 Thursday 27591 Paisley Community Center 0900 Adam Brooks 541-353-2703
30-May-2019 Thursday 27592 Chemult RD 1000 David Miranda 541-885-3412
10-Jun-2019 Monday 27593 Chiloquin RD 1000 David Miranda 541-885-3412
20-Jun-2019 Thursday 27594 Lakeview INteragency Office 1000 Adam Brooks 541-353-2703

  1. BLM/FS/FWS/NPS - Local managers and line officers will personally communicate their expectations of leadership in fire management.
  2. BLM/FS/FWS/NPS and ODF - Completion of refresher training will be documented including date of training, curriculum and names of participants.
The refresher will cover the following core topics:
    Study the risk management process as identified in the Incident Response Pocket Guide, e.g. LCES, Standard Fire Orders, 18 Watch Outs, Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) direction, Fire Management Plan policies, etc.
    Review and discuss identified "hot topics" and "national emphasis topics". Review forecasts and assessments for the upcoming fire season and discuss implications for firefighter safety.
    Review and discuss last resort survival. Conduct "hands-on" fire shelter inspections. Practice shelter deployments.
    Choose additional hazard and safety subjects, which may include SAFENET, current safety alerts, site/unit specific safety issues and hazards.
From direction found in the Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations 2013 and the Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher web site

Contact the Operations Committee Chair if additional sessions need to be scheduled.