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The South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership is an interagency fire management program that provides comprehensive wildland fire service to south central Oregon and northwest Nevada.

The partnership strives to achieve a more efficient, effective and integrated interagency fire management program for all participating agencies on the land administered and protected by each agency. Dispatching is performed by the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC). Facebook

Mission Statement

The mission for Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC) is to provide high quality service to all of our partner agencies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible while providing for firefighter safety at all times. All actions will be consistent with land and resource management objectives and current incident management direction.

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Fire Season Ending in Klamath & Lake Counties

Friday, October 22nd, 2021, 3:03:58 PM PDT
Lakeview, Oregon - Klamath Falls - The 2021 Fire Season will officially end for Klamath and Lake Counties. Fire management personnel from the Oregon Department of Forestry, Klamath-Lake District and Walker Range Patrol Association in cooperation with other local fire agencies and departments will declare the termination of the 2021 season as of 12:01 am Friday, October 22, 2021. "Fire Season" for the area has been in effect since May 15th.

"The 2021 Fire Season was the longest we've had on record, lasting 160 days. It was also one of the worst seasons in terms of drought and total fire acres burned in the South-Central Oregon area that I can remember. We are relieved to finally have enough moisture on the ground and continued in the forecast to be beyond the severe wildland fire threat we've seen so much of." states Dennis Lee, District Forester for Klamath-Lake ODF.

The ending of fire season lifts the ban on open debris burning in Klamath and Lake Counties. Logging Operation requirements including watchman services and fire equipment on site, in effect on private, county, and state lands have also been lifted.

Check with your local rural structural fire district for burning regulations within their districts and the county health departments for air quality restrictions. The Oregon Department of Forestry, Klamath-Lake District does not issue or require burn permits on lands solely protected by them when fire season is not in effect.

Fire managers from the Klamath-Lake District, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), in cooperation with other local wildland fire agencies and structural fire departments, would like to remind the public that just because fire season has been terminated, fire starts and spread may still occur under the right conditions. Please continue to use fire safe practices all year-round.

Landowners need to remember that any burning escaping their control is their liability and they could be billed for the fire suppression costs. Be cautious, be fire safe.

The Oregon Department of Forestry and Walker Range Patrol Association would like to thank its cooperators, landowners and the people of Klamath and Lake Counties for their assistance in preventing fires during 2021.

Cougar Peak Fire emergency closure reduced 10-13-2021

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, 11:06:47 AM PDT
Lakeview, Oregon - LAKEVIEW, Ore. - The emergency closure for the Cougar Peak Fire will be reduced to the fire perimeter effective Wednesday, October 13. The fire area is approximately 15 miles northwest of Lakeview.

The closure affects National Forest System lands within the Cougar Peak Fire perimeter on the Lakeview and Paisley Ranger Districts of the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

The closure area is generally from Cougar Peak and the recreation sites west of Cottonwood Reservoir extending northeast towards Cox Pass and Moss Pass Trailheads and Moss Meadow Campground to the Forest Boundary. A map of the closure area is included in the closure order posted at

Several recreation sites remain closed within the area, including the Fremont National Recreation Trail and Oregon Timber Trails within the closure area; Cottonwood Creek and Moss Pass Trailheads; and Moss Meadow Campground.

The closure order is formally referenced as 06-02-21-11. It is in effect until conditions allow or December 31, 2021, whichever occurs first. There will be public notifications when the closure order is lifted.

Violations of the closure order are punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment of not more than 6 months or both.

For more information on the Fremont-Winema National Forest, visit, follow the Forest on Twitter @FremontWinemaNF or on Facebook at

Changes to fire danger and local regulations Monday in South Central Oregon

Monday, October 11th, 2021, 12:10:24 PM PDT
Klamath Falls, Oregon - KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. - Cooler temperatures, increased humidity and a handful of autumn storms are providing enough relief to allow further reduction in restrictions and fire danger in South Central Oregon.

Effective tomorrow, Monday, October 11, the agencies of the South-Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership (SCOFMP) will be lowering the Fire Danger from "High" to "Moderate". Despite this change, fuels remain dry, and caution is needed to prevent wildfires.

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Klamath-Lake District Regulated Use Closure (RUC), which regulates things like the use of campfires, chainsaws and other activities that could start a wildfire, are being lifted tomorrow, Monday, October 11.

While the RUC is being lifted, Fire Season is still in effect and regulations are in place restricting debris burning and timber harvest operations. All outdoor debris burning is still prohibited.

Forest operations on State and private lands that require a Permit to Operate Power Driven Machinery are required to have fire tools, onsite water supply, and watchman service. The release of sky lanterns, discharge of exploding targets or the discharge of tracer ammunition is also prohibited while Fire Season is in effect.

"The recent light moisture and cooler temperatures we received last week going into this week is assisting us but not near enough to put us out of declared fire season," said Randall Baley, ODF Protection Unit Forester in Klamath Falls. "As hunting season and other fall outdoor activities arrive, please be fire safe and careful at all times."

Public Use Restrictions, on the Fremont-Winema National Forest, Sheldon-Hart Mountain and Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complexes and most of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lakeview District were lifted on October 1.

Public Use Restrictions remain in place on BLM lands in the Klamath River Canyon.

The Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) is lowering Monday, October 11 from Level II to Level I. This means fire precaution requirements are still in effect, including a 1-hour fire watch following work that could spark a wildfire. Under IFPL I, chainsaw use is permitted any time of day on federal lands, including the Fremont-Winema National Forest and Lakeview District BLM.

Personal and commercial woodcutters are reminded of their responsibility to stay informed of current IFPLs and all restrictions that apply to activities conducted on public lands. Failure to comply with precautionary fire requirements may result in the issuance of a Violation Notice.

Area residents and visitors are also reminded that the Emergency Fire Closure Orders for the Bootleg and Cougar Peak Fires are still in effect on the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Both orders are available at

"The SCOFMP agencies are still seeing wildfires this fall, including a small lightning fire Friday on the Lakeview Ranger District," said Interagency Deputy Fire Management Officer Coley Neider. "While we are still prepared for these fires, fuels are still very dry and can carry fire. We need the continued efforts of the public to prevent wildfires this fall."

Area residents and visitors can help prevent wildfires by doing the following:

- Make sure campfires are never left unattended and are dead out and cold to the touch before leaving. Use plenty of water to drown the fire.

- If you are using a portable stove, make sure the area is clear of grasses and other fine fuels. Prevent stoves from tipping and starting a fire.

- Ensure chainsaws and other equipment, including generators, are maintained and have an approved spark arrester in good condition.

- Make sure off-road vehicles have a properly functioning catalytic converter or approved spark arrester.

- Never park a vehicle over dead grass and avoid driving through tall grass - your vehicle can ignite the fuels and start a fire.

- If towing a boat or trailer, ensure safety chains are properly secured and not dragging.

Suspected wildfires should be reported to 911 as soon as possible. Visit for more information on restrictions and IFPL.

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