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Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Fire, applying fire to the land following a plan, is a tool used by the Federal Agencies and some private land owners to accomplish various objectives. These objectives include, but are not limited to:
  • reducing fuel loadings to improve fire fighter and public safety;
  • reducing costs and damages from wildland fire;
  • increasing ecosystem health;
  • improving habitat and forage for wildlife and domestic stock.

Wildland fire has always played an essential role in the ecological process and as a natural change agent. Aggressive total fire suppression has been the policy for wildland fire management agencies for decades. The knowledge and experience gained over these years have changed fire management philosophy in the Federal agencies. The complete exclusion of fire is now deemed to have been detrimental to the ecosystem and functioning. As a result of the devastating 1994 fire season, the extreme fire behaviors that consumed natural resources, private property and took the lives of the 14 fire fighters on the South Canyon fire, the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy and Program Review was adopted in 1995. This policy provides direction for the Federal Agencies in the use of wildland fire including prescribed fire.

The Oregon Department of Forestry assists the Federal Agencies and private land owners in the development of plans for the application of prescribed fire.

Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Today's Planned Acres Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location Burn Boss Comments Updated
FWF - Southeast Zone
Today's Fire Manager = None
No Burning Today             21-May-2022 14:41:41
FWF - Winter Rim Zone
Today's Fire Manager = BC-30
Oatman Piles 50 1000 T28 R12 S27 Antelope Flat CPT-32  14-Dec-2021 6:39:19
FWF - Mazama Zone
Today's Fire Manager = DV-4
Yota 2500 8:30 30-10-1 Chemult BC-40  8-May-2020 2:21:07
FWF - Klamath Ranger District
Today's Fire Manager = DV-6
No Burning Today           All Spring 2021 RX burning has been completed. 18-May-2021 7:16:25
Sheldon/Hart NWR
Barnhardy 0 10:00 T 35 R 26 Hart Mountain None Burning 70 acres at McKee Meadow RX today.6-Nov-2019 11:20:30
McKee Meadow 70 10:00 T 36 R 25 Hart Mountain F-79
Klamath Basin NWRs
Today's Fire Manager = LKR CH8500
No Burning Today             26-May-2022 8:04:40
FWF - Crater Lake National Park
Today's Fire Manager = None
No Burning Today           Mike Graham 91004 Will be RXB3 19-Jul-2022 8:32:38
ODF Klamath
No Burning Today             4-May-2019 8:00:46
ODF - Lakeview
No Burning Today             10-Jun-2016 11:37:21
BLM Lakeview
Today's Fire Manager = DV-7
Clover flat 100 0900 T35 R20 S22,27,28,32,33 Clover Flat BC-71  14-Jan-2021 7:51:53
Today's Fire Manager = F-76
Buck Butte piles 150 1000 T 40 R12 Sec 21 3 miles N of Malin OR F-75  23-Feb-2022 7:53:16

LIFC Information

This information was updated on 1-Oct-2022 10:18:18
LIFC Coordinator = Hall       On Call Dispatcher = Hall
LIFC Resources/Comments = LIFC is staffed 7 days a week 0730 to 1800.

Rx burns have green icons.