South Central Oregon
Fire Management Partnership


I100 - Introduction to ICS
L180 - Human Factors on the Fireline
S110 Basic Wildland Fire Orientation
S130 - Firefighter Training
S190 - Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

TARGET GROUP - Entry-level wildland firefighters.


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COURSE DESCRIPTION - This course is designed as both classroom and field training for the entry- level firefighter. The course addresses: the ICS organization, basic ICS terminology and ICS common responsibilities; addresses human factors on the fireline; includes safety orientation, firefighter preparedness, tools and equipment, firing devices, use of water, suppression, securing the control line, use of maps, scouting, hazardous materials and standards for survival; and provides instruction in the primary environmental factors that affect the start and spread of wildfire and the recognition of potentially hazardous situations.

COURSE OBJECTIVES - Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of safety on a wildland fire.
  • Demonstrate the principles of effective wildland firefighting.
  • Identify environmental factors of wildland fire behavior affecting the start and spread of wildland fire.
  • Recognize situations that indicate problem or extreme wildland fire behavior.
  • Identify and described the organizational structure, positions and responsibilities, and facilities associated with ICS.
  • Recognize human performance issues on the fireline so that the individual firefighter can integrate more effectively into crews working in dynamic, high-risk environments